Julie Bulitt has been seeing our teenage son for a couple of years now on a weekly basis and she is amazing with him.  Because he is highly ADHD, it’s hard for him to stay focused, on task, and follow through with things to completion.  He knows what he needs to do but often it is not clear to him exactly how to get it done.  Julie gives him the tools that he needs to accomplish things.  He really likes Julie and enjoys seeing her.  Not only is she good with him but she also respects him and therefore he respects her.  Julie truly understands what is happening in his head, why it’s happening, and what he can do about it and she is able to help him understand all of this as well.  With Julie’s help, he is able to overcome much of the frustration that he experiences on a day-to-day basis.  Julie has helped to build his confidence and his self-esteem, not only academically, but in life skills and relationships as well.  I would highly recommend Julie Bulitt to work with any teenager or adult (and their families) as their ADHD coach. – Gina



Mrs. Bulitt listened to my problems, broke them down into manageable goals, and gave me practical advice for turning those goals into realities. I would recommend her without hesitation.   -Jon, age 24



You can’t “fake it” with a teen: you like, respect and understand them – or you don’t.  Teens know the phony from the real deal.  And Julie Bulitt, Licensed Clinical Social Worker is The Real Deal.  Our family was in crisis when we first met with Julie.  Our spirited, bright 13 year old son, “Nate” was acting out at home and under-achieving at school, copping a defensive “I don’t care” attitude.  As parents we were emotionally adrift in worry, disappointment, and needed guidance.  She’s an astute detective, gathering information, assessing our strengths  and  vulnerabilities,  and working together with us to come up with a plan of action, with particular goals and strategies to achieve them.

Here is what Julie has to offer:  her considerable range of clinical skills and knowledge base, particularly specializing in navigating the developmental issues facing children/teens who were adopted, as well as expertise in coaching those with ADHD.  Her personal toolbox includes a remarkable capacity to be completely non-judgmental with her clients while simultaneously holding them to a high standard of accountability for their decisions and choices.  Julie is super-smart, and super-resourceful.  Her social work perspective informs   all aspects of her practice:  she considers the client and meets them where they are, learning about their environment and culture. She works collaboratively and effectively with other professionals. She is fluid in her approach, changing gears and directions as necessary.   She holds herself to an extremely high standard, and absolutely meets it.

Now 6 months later, from our first session with Julie, our home life has found a “new normal” and is greatly improved. We are less anxious as parents and more trusting. Our beloved son is working hard to own and develop his strengths, and to manage his ADHD challenges.

We are so grateful to Julie Bulitt, for all the help she has provided us and the skilled, compassionate, caring, wise way she has done so.  I highly recommend Julie both as a clinical social worker, and above all, as a very thankful Mom.  – SJR,  Derwood, MD



The executive functioning strategies group that Julie ran was a perfect fit for what I was looking for. The group was small, it contained only about five or six students, which is perfect for what we did. Julie helped us with strategies such as how to manage stress, how to organize yourself as well as your schoolwork, how to reach present and future goals, procrastination, and study skills. Since the group was the perfect size, we were able to interact with each other in a positive and interactive way, and by doing this, we were able to help others as well as ourselves. If you are looking for strategies to overcome your executive function problems, Julie is the person to go to. She is very very easy to reach outside of the group, never misses or reschedules a class, and her strategies and suggestions are extremely helpful and meaningfull! I hope that if you need help with strategies to overcome executive functioning you go to Julie, because I guarantee she will find a way to help you! – JB, Rockville, MD