At Live Sane, we know that people are complex and respond successfully to solutions tailored to their personalities and needs. We believe that if we can build a connection or relationship with our clients, we can help them with fresh ways of thinking, expressing emotions and behaving.  In addition, there are often outside issues which impact individuals and families in profound ways. We offer help with the following:


Individual and Family Therapy

The goal of individual therapy is to help people develop new and effective ways of thinking, feeling and interacting with others. The treatment  approach varies from client to client, based on each persons’ needs and goals. Other factors for creating the most effective therapy are temperament, age, needs, and difficulties. Live Sane then employs techniques such as:

• cognitive-behavioral strategies

• goal oriented short term therapy

• coaching approach

All of these approaches focus on the clients’ strengths, with the end goal of moving forward with a successful, happy and productive life.

The goal of family therapy is to help build and strengthen family connections and communication. In addition, Live Sane works with clients to provide opportunities to practice new ways of relating within a safe and supportive environment.  Family therapy recognizes that any adversity impacting one family member almost always impacts the family as a whole.


ADHD and Executive Function Coaching

AD/HD Coaching is a structured, supportive, practical approach that can help individuals and families affected by AD/HD and executive function issues. Live Sane works to develop daily life management skills, improve time management, and learn ways to set reasonable goals with the steps to achieve them.

Coaching is specifically designed for kids, teens and adults who have AD/HD and executive function issues by providing:

• Support
• Structure
• Accountability

Coaching focuses on the person as a whole and can address many areas including:

• Executive Function:

  1. Time Management
  2. Prioritization
  3. Procrastination
  4. Realistic View of Task

• Styles and Learning Disabilities

• Life Balance

• Self Care and Self Regulating Behaviors

• Accountability

• Relationship (Friendship and Family)


Corporate Workplace Coaching

Daily life in a corporate setting can offer specific challenges. By learning about personal and group personalities, especially if individuals are dealing with behavioral issues, all individuals can learn tools to make their workplace a more positive and productive setting.

The following are some of the focus areas in corporate workplace coaching:

• Time management
• Procrastination
• Goal-setting
• Distractibility issues
• Transitioning


Executive Function Skills Group

We are now offering ongoing groups available for high school students. The groups will focus on assisting high school students with ADHD and Executive Function deficits in developing skills and strategies  to succeed both in and outside of school.

Weekly topics will include:

• Goal-setting
• Creating life balance and self-care
• Organization and time management
• Procrastination and motivation
• Study and test-taking skills
• Interpersonal and relationship issues
• Advocating for self
• Improving concentration
• Stress management


Adoption Issues

Understanding the complex layers that adoption can add to individuals and families is essential for a successful outcome. Identity issues, ADHD and learning challenges are seen at a higher rate for  individuals who are adopted. Both therapy and coaching are helpful in working with clients experiencing normative challenges using a specialized adoption lens.


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

ASD’s special challenges in emotional regulations and social issues responds very well to coaching. Structured therapy with a collaborative approach has shown to be very successful with ASD clients.


Learning Disabilities

Living with learning disabilities can make life complicated for individuals and families. Depression, anxiety and low self-esteem are all common in people living with these challenges. Therapy and coaching can help provide understanding  and structure for people that may be having challenges in comprehension and perception.