Recommended Books

  1. Amen, D. (2001) Healing ADD. New York. Berkley Books
  2. Cooper-Kahn &Dietzel (2008). Late, Lost and Unprepared. Maryland. Woodbine House
  3. Hallowell, E. & Ratey, J. (1994) Driven to Distraction. New York. Pantheon Books
  4. Heininger J. & Weiss, S. (2001) From Chaos to Calm. New York. Berkley Publishing Group
  5. Goldberg,D. (2005) The Organized Student. New York. Fireside Book
  6. Quinn, P. (1995) Adolescents and ADD. New York. Magination Press
  7. Quinn, P. (1991) Putting on the Brakes: Young People’s Guide to Understanding ADHD. New York. MagnationPress


Recommended Websites

    Children & Adults with AD/HD (CHADD) lots of good information for parents and students.
    Website with lots of up to the date information on your brain functioning and AD/HD.
    Founded by Patricia Quinn, M.D and Kathleen Naudeau authorities on AD/HD for children teens and adults. Has free newsletter.
    Website with information about post adoption support services for adoptive families.
    Local resources for students with emotional, social and learning difficulties


Recommended Magazines

    An independent consumer and lifestyle magazine for people with AD/HD.